Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Picky about WHAT can be infinite?

It is often said that something had to create creation.
2 questions?
1) why/how do you know this?
2) even if true, what about this thing requires it to be a thinking thing, "a god"?

Considering question 1 will bleed over into considering question 2.

Isn't it odd that we can't accept a universe that exists without a creator, but we can  accept a creator without a previous creator? Please, seriously consider this without being flippant. That argument literally means that you can accept one thing as always existing, as long as we label it "god", but we can't accept the universe as eternal because......? Because being eternal requires a conscience? Please help me understand why you can make the apparently obvious connection that something being eternal demands/requires an intellect, because I can't see it.

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


It is sad to see so many posts claiming that gay marriage violates their religious freedoms. Please remember the United States doesn't have a state religion and shouldn't be held to your standards based on the bible. It is to be built and based on a standard that does NOT force your religious beliefs on others, just as you wouldn't want another religion to define our countries freedoms and put you in a corner. (Nobody has taken away YOUR freedom to dislike gay marriage,  only your ability to infringe on others)